Mulled Hot Apple Cider

Mulled Cider 2

Perfect for a cold winter day, this easy treat will keep you warm and have you feeling the joy of the season. Especially good taken in a travel mug while walking the dog. Infinitely adjustable, there’s a perfect recipe for everyone.

Mulled Cider 3

Mulled Hot Apple Cider
Serves 2

Ground spices can be used in place of the whole ones used in this recipe, just be careful not to use too much because it can give the cider a gritty texture.

2 cups apple cider
1 slice of orange
2 cinnamon sticks
3 whole cloves
1 green cardamom  pod
1 small star anise
a few shavings of whole nutmeg
splash of vanilla spiced rum or spirit of choice (optional)

Combine all ingredients except the rum in a small sauce pan and heat to steaming, do not simmer. Let the cider steep for about 15 minutes. After this time the cider may be left on the lowest setting to keep warm for several hours – the longer you leave it on the heat the stronger the spices will become. Divide into two glasses and add a splash of rum if desired and enjoy.

Per Serving (1 cup) without rum: 124 calories, 0g fat, 30g carbs, 0g protein,, 0mg sodium, 0g fibre.

Mulled Cider 1

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